"I have the expertise of a manager, the skills of a coach and the attitude of a trainer"

Hi! My name is Federica! I am Italian and I live in Dubai.

I am the Founder of Federica Mele Consulting and I’ve been working, for the last 6 years, as a coach with the precise mission of empowering people to discover and maximize their potential.

I have almost 20 years of corporate experience, as a senior marketing manager; thanks to my professional background I’ve mastered many technical and soft skills, and I have learnt that structure is essential for whatever you want to achieve. Those years have been very “rich” for me because I managed global projects, working in a team with very inspiring colleagues from all over the world.

My personal life, as well, has been very adventurous thanks to my curiosity which has led me towards many diverse experiences, contributing to my self-development and growth.

My drive in life has always been to be the best version of myself, hence, I have always strived to find a balance, living a healthy life, reading and studying more about how to be resilient, how to be emotionally intelligent, how to lead and connect with the others.

In 2012 I approached my very first NLP coaching course, as a coachee, and I was so fascinated to discover how thoughts, language, and patterns of behaviors impact on our lives; it was the very first time I became so aware of how to succeed in personal and professional life in a much effortless way.

It was at that time, as well, that I understood how connected and integrated are the state of our mind with the condition of our body and the eating patterns. I became passionate about the “deep health” concept which states that the domains of physical health are not enough to define ourselves healthy, as we need to take care of how we think, respond, solve problems, and deal with the world around us.

My passion for all these disciplines brought me to the final decision of mastering them and getting certified.

At that time, I had in mind a bigger purpose which was integrating my professional expertise and understanding of corporate life, together with all the coaching tools and techniques in order to empower people and “make it happen”.

I earned the international certifications as a NLP practitioner, Life coach and Time Paradigm Techniques to practice, together with my working experience, Career Coaching with Managers and Entrepreneurs in a much more innovative and effective way.

I also got certified as a L3 Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Corporate Wellness Specialist® by the Corporate Health & Wellness Association (CHWA) to coach all the individuals who are willing to embrace the “deep health” concept.

When I moved to Dubai, I decided it was the right moment to go through my career change; I founded my own company and I finally started coaching and consulting my clients on their projects.

Today I live my definition of success; I work with individuals, mainly managers, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to be guided to achieve specific goals in their professional and personal life.

I do collaborate with corporations and small businesses to give talks or manage seminars addressed to inspire their employees on specific topics.

I am exactly who I want to be (now!), finally expressing my talents and passions; I am proud of what I learnt through all my “ups and downs” (I have had many!) and I am excited for all the experiences I will live.

Being an entrepreneur is the most valuable choice I have ever made. I own my time, I am in a constant learning process and I manage beautiful partnerships and relations with all my clients.

I can definitely say that “my client’s success is my goal” and that I am just waiting for the next manager, entrepreneur, professional or individual that needs my help to work on an exciting project to attain great results.


Coaching clients

Francesco- General Manager

“Overall, Federica has played a huge part in my growth & development and I’m extremely grateful for her guidance & direction.

Federica helped me in many areas of my life but mainly:
-In shifting my attitude towards my issues; I realized I had to take responsibility & actions for my own happiness.
-creating a clearer structured plan to succeed in my job, starting from having a clearer vision & confident attitude
-adopting a healthier lifestyle. I realized that my well being started from within and I had to change certain aspects of my lifestyle.”

Raghda- Producer

Many coaches genuinely help people, but Federica belongs to a small valuable of that group, the rare and magical coaches. I met her when I was facing the most challenging period in my life. I was living on the edge of life craving for help.

Federica can hear you fully in a way that few can while also keeping things moving. She has the talent to listen with passion and compassion. Her experience runs the session, so you leave with a lot of tools and strategies that help you reach a new level and overcome obstacles.

Federica helped me reaching a peace of mind I was looking for during that period. My life unfolds in front of me. She helped me gaining clarity and made me remember my strength.

Working with Federica was the first step in the right direction toward my new journey.

BARBARA- Mum of 4

"When I get old they're never going to say: what a sweet old lady! They're going to say: what on EARTH is she up to now?"

Words seem inadequate to express what this coaching has meant to me. I want to tell the world about my powerful experience achieving a sensation that I could never imagine possible. Doors are opening in every direction. It's amazing and at times unbelievable. My relationships and connections with people have grown in such a deep way. I am equipped with things I thought I could never do. I haven't changed. I have just changed my way of thinking. I have faced my fears and come away strong and empowered. WOW! A miracle.

Forever grateful! Thank you. YOU ARE A TREASURE, Federica!”

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Wellbeing clients

Silvia- Marketing Manager. Mum of 2

These below are the most powerful learnings I got from Federica’s Nutrition and training plan:

1) What YOU eat really makes who you are. It is not just the amount of food you eat but what you eat, how you eat and most of all why you eat it! Federica combined the teaching of the principles with the reality and made it so easy to implement and yet so powerful that I could see and feel the effects of a balanced diet on my body (and on my mood!) immediately.

2) Training is like brushing your teeth: you have to do it everyday to keep healthy! Thanks to Federica I learned that each and every single part of our body is important and needs to be trained! She is an amazing professional PT and since the very moment you start your session you feel her energy! Thanks to this training path with Federica I made training part of my daily life!

3)You can do it! It is a question of will power and with the right dose of mental strength and motivation you can achieve your goals! Thank you Federica for making me mentally stronger, physically fitter and healthier!

Galia- full time mum with degree in psychology

My journey with Federica and her philosophy of healthy transformation started a year ago. What an incredible adventure! The one way to describe it is a powerful earth- shaking yet elegant notion that touches you in every aspect of your being and shifts you in the direction that is right for you and you only regardless of current stage and conditions.

You just fall into this amazing magnetic professional vibe of constant improvement that shows real results as predicted by Federica at the very beginning of your journey. It all comes into place and makes perfect sense. All you need to do is follow her guidance and enjoy the liberating feeling of being in control of your own body, your own mind, your own emotions.

If I have to choose only three learning I took away with me from the program, all will start with the word “self-“:

SELF- knowledge- Federica and her coaching showed me how to get to know myself again in order to take better care of myself
SELF- discipline - it is all in my hands with her constant and very personal guidance
SELF- respect- putting yourself as a priority in order to evolve and develop your full potential

Federica’s method that I call healthy living philosophy, brought me back to my organic self and gave me the life- long skills and tools to sustain healthy life style. Federica teaches and guides with passion, commitment, knowledge and straight from the heart!

Thank you for being the driving force behind my journey! I am eternally grateful.

Francesca- Dentist and mum of 4

Thank you! You have changed my life!

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