Career change is a great opportunity that needs to be embraced in a structured way in order to maximize the final result, and make the right professional choice.

The Career Change Coaching Program that I offer aims to help those who want to change career but don’t know what they want to do instead.

If you are stuck and trapped in a job that isn’t you, if you want to progress in your current role without knowing what your next step might be, if you want to consider a new professional challenge but you feel uncertain and scared, I can guide you to achieve a clear vision of a career that is absolutely right for you and make the correct action plan to make it happen.

My goal is to drive you through an accurate and smooth transition that starts by assessing your current situations, exploring your interests, passions, values and personal strengths in order to look into your options with more clarity, evaluate alternative career paths, and make the move to a new career with a proper plan.

Leadership is a skill which can be learned and develop over time; coaching your leadership is a very effective way to achieve more powerful results especially in a Corporate environment.

Addressed to all high performing managers who are looking to do better and be better,

my Leadership skills program has the goal to coach those who want to experience heightened motivation, creativity, and inspiration in order to bring lasting positive, impactful change on their internal and external world, and help them achieve even higher levels of success.

Being a successful entrepreneur starts with the right mindset and a positive attitude in order to have a clear and realistic vision.

The entrepreneurs that I coach have different needs; they want to work on their vision and intuition to progress in the business, they might struggle in managing setbacks/ react to defeats, they want to learn how to set a positive self-talk, they ask to improve their problem solving skills to make fast decisions…these are all critical factors for the development of the business.

My coaching program aims at helping entrepreneurs to improve the business and to work on

  • Aligning the business focus and the efforts to achieve the best vision
  • Challenging the thinking and willingness to grow
  • Setting clear and effective strategies to improve the business
  • Making a plan which include quick fixes, medium and long term goals