I believe in the power of talks.

I believe that sharing knowledge is a powerful way to drive people towards new considerations, constructive purposes and positive actions.

Talking to hundreds of managers and leading their change is what inspires me the most; it is my goal.

I love being on stage and feel the great connection between me and my audience.

During my talk I definitely rely on my experience and competences. I always refer to inspiring concepts, stories, experiences…and I do select my words accurately, in order to capture people’s attention, raise their interest, generate a very energetic interaction, and make the change happen.

Over the years, I have given talks cross industries.

I coach employees exactly as I do coach sport teams.

Employees are part of an organization, the team, and each one plays a key role to achieve a goal, the corporate goal, according to the corporate vision.

The aim of my Employee Coaching Program is to empower the team, working on those key factors that boost the individual performance to achieve a greater final result.

When I coach employees I focus on

  • enhancing the strengths of team members
  • helping them achieve a stronger team’s integration and engagement
  • creating awareness on each one’s values and believes
  • boosting team’s productivity through an healthy living approach

The workshops that I lead are very powerful and they serve the most common needs individuals have:

  • Find the right work-life balance
  • Set happy healthy habits
  • Manage the time
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Maximize the potential
  • Improve the presentation Skills

My workshops are very interactive and full of positivity; they allow all participants to add value to their own personal and professional lives by being fully involved in the learning process through interesting exercises.