As a certified professional in the sport industry, I have achieved a strong practice and knowledge on the human body and on how to exercise safely and effectively.

I coach my clients to achieve their “deep health”.

I train my clients to get a better physical look and stronger body by working on their exercising and eating behaviors, and I also support them in all the other domains (physical, environmental, mental, emotional, relational, and existential) that impact on the deep balance and health of an individual.

When I coach my clients it is more than only about their look; It’s also about how they think, respond, solve problems, and deal with the environment.

All my training programs are specific, safe and they all include a customized nutrition plan.

I love training people and I perform my role with a high sense of responsibility and accuracy.

As part of my integrated coaching vision and approach, I believe Nutrition is one of the leverages an individual has to take care of to perform well, feel good and look good.

For this reason years ago, I decided to master the science of nutrition, get certified and be able to coach individuals willing to go for life-changing results.

My coaching program is about a lot more than only about Nutrition!; it is extensively educational, very analytical, introspective and it aims at empowering all my clients on how to drive their future choices and eating behaviors.

The main strength of my Nutrition program is that it is driven by the “deep health” concept; it means that it is mainly about the importance of positive nutrition but not only, as eating behaviors are impacted and influenced by many other internal and external factors.

All my clients have different purposes; for this reason, I always start by assessing their own personal condition and I listen to their specific requests; then I follow up with dedicated moments where I coach them on how to

  • become aware of their present eating patterns
  • shift their eating habits
  • boost their self-determination and self-reward
  • recognize the impact of positive nutrition on their mood, on their personal productivity and on the body
  • rely on and recognize their progression
  • organize their new routine to make it happen

For all my clients (and with them) I prepare their customized nutrition plan which is drafted considering their likes, food traditions and cooking abilities. The food plan is one of the tools to achieve their final goal.

What makes me feel happy and satisfied is acknowledging that all my clients fall in love with the way they feel good, look good and with their new integrated healthy life style.